Index - Tech-Science - Monkeypox could be stopped in Europe

Index – Tech-Science – Monkeypox could be stopped in Europe

There are encouraging signs that the number of new cases is declining week by week in a number of European countries, such as France – where infection has already spread from humans to animals – Germany, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain, and even – despite the lack of a vaccine – in the United States, there are also Decline in some areas of the United States, said Hans Kluge.

We believe we can eliminate the ongoing human-to-human transmission in the European region. We urgently need to strengthen measures to get closer to ending the spread

– The European Regional Director of the World Health Organization indicated.

These methods can slow down the infection

Jerome Salomon said that the monkeypox vaccination campaign in France will continue for several more months, in 2022 and is expected to start at the beginning of 2023, after “as a result of general prevention, the indicators began to decline for the first time.” Director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, according to the MTI, which aligns with Hans Kluge’s opinion.

According to Catherine Smallwood, head of the monkeypox group at the European Department of the World Health Organization, factors such as

  • Early detection,
  • isolation of patients, Beside
  • Changing behavioral habits.

In addition, there are also indications that people, especially gay men who belong to risk groups, are well aware of infection, added Jerome Salomon, head of epidemiology.

Monkeypox has been known for decades in some parts of Africa, and rarely, in Europe, North America and other regions since May. The World Health Organization declared on July 23 that the outbreak of monkeypox has now led to a “state of emergency” from a health point of view, which, in its view, should be considered a global emergency. Meanwhile, more than 47,600 cases have been recorded in 96 countries around the world.

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