Index - Tech-Science - Many people are annoyed by Christmas songs

Index – Tech-Science – Many people are annoyed by Christmas songs

According to research conducted over the past decade, a large percentage of Americans do not like Christmas carols at all, Fox News.

According to a 2011 Consumer Records survey, 23 percent of respondents said they find it frightening to hear Christmas music.

Eileen Rudin of Penn State University said that music can have a huge impact on people, especially when it comes to their memories and emotions.

For many people who are upset with Christmas carols, this may be due to evoking bad memories and negative experiences from their past, especially from their childhood.

Music has a very powerful ability to evoke feelings and memories. Many people do not have good memories of the Christmas holidays, and at such times these songs involuntarily evoke these unpleasant memories in them.

Eileen Rudin said.

As we wrote, in many cases, Christmas gifts can also be disappointing. Most people consider exchanging gifts before or after Christmas dinner a tradition, but instead of a pre-arranged toxic “surprise”, a little symbolic kindness might be much better for the other, and of course a good dose of attention.

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