Index - Tech-Science - Makes Google more transparent about who pays for ads

Index – Tech-Science – Makes Google more transparent about who pays for ads

2021.09.24. 15:58

A similar feature to Facebook comes in Google services. For ads that appear in search results, before and during videos on YouTube and on private Google pages, you will now be able to see who paid for the ad and see the advertiser’s past ads.

The new transparency option will be launched in the United States later this year and in ninety other countries in early 2022, including European Union countries, and is expected to be rolled out in Hungary. The innovation is based on the advertiser identification program that Google launched last spring, which everyone has to work with if they want to promote their product through the search giant’s advertising platform. The software expects you to provide real, verifiable information about the advertised business, company or service, as well as the identity of the advertiser, to protect potential customers from fraud.

a according to google Ad System Visibility Optimization is designed to protect users, so ads may be reported as long as they don’t comply with company policies. Ads are not reviewed by machine moderation but by human moderation.

Facebook has this feature for a long time, for example, on a social site, you can also find out how much an advertiser has spent on a particular ad. For political ads, this is especially useful, not to forget that politicians have recently attacked YouTube as well as Facebook.

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