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Index – Tech-Science – Lots of innovations coming to iPhones

Index – Tech-Science – Lots of innovations coming to iPhones

iOS 16 has clearly become one of the most important iOS updates in recent years, as the software version introduced last summer brought new features to the world of iPhones, such as a completely redesigned and now customizable lock screen, iMessage set to edit and undo. Live messages and notifications.

However, thanks to many new features, the software has become very unstable, despite the fact that Apple releases new versions almost on a monthly basis – so for a long time you can read rumors that Apple will reduce new features in iOS 17 and focus on stability and they will focus on optimization, However, according to signs, this will not be the case.

As previously reported by Index, the new software version will bring features that were expected years ago, because Apple changed its mind and decided that instead of settling in this year, it would rather spoil users with improvements that in some cases they had been craving for years. However, let’s not rush too much, as iOS 16.4 also promises many new features and has made the system itself one notch more optimized.

What is the most important

In recent years, it’s become a real reminder that Apple doesn’t actually develop anything on its systems, just a few new emojis packed into new software releases, and the quota is filled. Of course, the truth is not black and white, but the fact is that one of the biggest novelties in iOS 16.4 is the twenty-one new emoji that have just been added to the system. there he is:

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Among the new icons we can find the pink heart, which has been longed for by hundreds of thousands, but the jellyfish, donkey and wing have also become very much missing pieces. In addition to emojis, the second big news is that the possibility is finally coming to iOS where websites can also send push notifications to iPhones, just as they have for years in the case of macOS.

Interestingly, the feature was first announced by Apple at WWDC at the same time as iOS 16 was introduced, but its practical implementation has not yet been completed. Notifications from web apps work just like notifications from other apps: They appear on the Lock screen, Notification Center, and on your paired Apple Watch.

However, it is important to note that in order to receive push notifications from a website, we must first add them to the home screen, and this can be done by clicking on the Share buttons and then Add to home screen in Safari.

The classics have also been updated

Apple has updated the architecture of the Podcast app, which is said to have become more user-friendly, and Apple Music has also received an update, thanks to which we can now access our profile from any page. The bigger news, however, is that on March 28, Apple Music Classical, Apple’s new music streaming app that’s spinoff from the Apple Music app, is offering more than five million works of classical and classical music, completely free, if someone already has an Apple. Music with a subscription.

You can download the new app from the App Store, you don’t even need the latest iOS version to run it, you can even download it on a device running iOS 15.

Here’s how to install the update

As before, in order to be able to update, open Settings, tap General menu, then Software Update menu, where after a short wait, iOS 16.4 should appear. Incidentally, Apple has also updated how it will be possible to access beta versions of iOS in the future. As you know, this used to require downloading and then installing a developer profile, but now it is enough to tick one of the iOS 16 Developer beta or iOS 16 Public beta menu items under the Software Update menu item.

As we’ve already pointed out, these should only be used on a secondary device, because – with a very small chance – beta versions may even contain bugs that make it impossible to use certain functions, and they’re notorious for the fact that devices with versions of software have much worse uptime and performance. .

(Cover photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)