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Index – Tech-Science – It was the fifth-warmest November this year

Index - Tech-Science - It was the fifth-warmest November this year

This year was the fifth warmest November on the continent, after the summer of 2022. October was also the warmest in European history. The surface air temperature was about 0.2 °C higher than the average for the period between 1991 and 2020. The European Union announced the Copernicus Program To monitor the Earth via satellite on Wednesday.

According to a report by the Copernicus Climate Change Monitoring Service (C3S), Europe experienced the third warmest autumn in 2022. The temperature was one degree higher than normal.

Most of Europe experienced above-average temperatures in November, especially in the northwest of the continent. In the UK, this year was the third warmest autumn on record since 1884. The British Isles autumn was warmer this year than in 2006 and 2011.

They noted that the autumn temperatures in the southern part of Europe, especially in southwestern France, were above average, while the average seasonal temperature in Greenland was much higher than the data of previous years.

According to the report, the amount of sea ice cover in the Arctic was 3 percent less than average. This is the eighth lowest value in November since measurements began. They said the amount of sea ice in Antarctica in November was 5 percent below average, making it the fifth lowest value since 2017 based on satellite data.