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Index – Tech-Science – Instagram is testing mandatory ads, but they haven't worked well among users

Index – Tech-Science – Instagram is testing mandatory ads, but they haven't worked well among users

Instagram is testing ads that users can't skip, according to a report BBC.

While users on the social media platform can currently swipe or swipe through ads, Insta is now testing a feature called “ad break” that will not allow you to quickly get rid of an ad.

“Sometimes you may need to watch an ad before you can continue browsing,” Meta-owned Instagram tells people who click for more information. The ads will display a timer that counts down to zero before resuming normal functionality.

Instagram confirmed to the BBC that the trial is ongoing.

We're always testing formats that can create value for advertisers

She added that further updates will be made if testing results in a permanent change to the format.

Meta stated that it is always experimenting with new advertising products and solutions in line with changing consumer trends and business needs.

Advertisers may like it, but users don't

One user on Threads (also powered by Meta) called the move “crazy,” and a huge boost for the company to get more ad dollars. Others considered boycotting the platform. “We won't scroll,” one X (formerly Twitter) user said.

Meta isn't the first big tech company to force people to watch ads.

YouTube is known for showing non-skippable ads to those who don't pay for the free, ad-free subscription. Advertisers can target YouTube viewers with 15-30 second non-skippable video ads that appear before, during, or after other videos. Google, YouTube's parent company, is also trying to crack down on ad blockers.

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However, it's not clear whether forcing users to see more ads actually helps companies' bottom lines. According to a study TikTok published in January, forcing viewers to watch ads can actually lead to less engagement. More than 70% of those surveyed believe they would be more likely to engage with an ad experience if it could be skipped.

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