Index - Tech-Science - In 2021, these topics were of paramount importance to us on the Internet

Index – Tech-Science – In 2021, these topics were of paramount importance to us on the Internet

Each year, Google compiles a global and local list of the most important searches for that year. This year, these terms are the ones that generated premium traffic for a longer period of time than the previous year, which means people were more interested.

End of year Search this year The abstract was published for the twenty-first time by Google on December 8th. Based on their searches, Hungarian netizens are grouped by the most interesting things based on sporting events, movies, series, diets, recipes, and phone types, and we can also see a short list of what we’ve been looking for most often this year.

Unsurprisingly, searches for the coronavirus were among the most interested this year as well; The European Football Championship got the most attention, but people were also interested in the new wife of Lornc Mézaros and opposition prime minister candidate Peter Markie G. Here’s what the top ten searches of 2021 look like:

  1. European Football Championship
  2. Summer Olympics
  3. Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine
  4. number of vaccines
  5. vaccination registration
  6. squid game
  7. Christian Eriksen
  8. Andrea Varconi
  9. Peter Markie Z
  10. Pfizer – Bioantek – Vaccina

If we look at the thematic lists, Netflix has dominated globally and at home among series, with just one Hungarian series, Crossroads slipped into the top five, in second place. In first place was the Squid game, and in third place was Bridgerton, followed by Ginny, Georgia and The Big Money Robbery. If we look at the top ten list, Doktor Balaton is at number six and seven on the Netflix reality show, Outer Banks. And the last one made by Turkey, the bride of Istanbul, the forbidden fruit and love are in the air.

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Interestingly enough, Dune wasn’t the most sought-after in the movies, but the sequel to Venom, Dune, only came in at seventh place. Elk*rtuk came in second, and third was Marvel’s Eternal. The Hungarian film is still in sixth place, the Toxicomy of Szabó Győző.

Here’s what the top 10 movies look like:

  1. poison 2
  2. any piece * p
  3. they are eternal
  4. After we failed
  5. free man
  6. Toxicity
  7. Finished
  8. Luca
  9. jungle tour
  10. Among the demons 3.

Among the athletes at home and globally, the tragic case of Christian Eriksen was of paramount importance to Hungarians, as Hungarians searched for Aaron Zelaghy, Odam Szalay, Christoph Milak and Kylian Mbappe.

Keto, bile, apple cider vinegar, sirtfood, and cholesterol were cold diet-wise. And based on recipe searches, everyone wanted to bake cupcakes at home. But kitchen fairies have also tried combining quince cheese, elderberry syrup, croissants, and strawberry jam, hopefully with even greater success.

Anyone interested in more high-speed searches is click here For longer lists for Hungary, or and hereTo view the general summary.

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