Index - Tech-Science - "I don't think this job is right for you" - Hundreds fired from a reputable company

Index – Tech-Science – “I don’t think this job is right for you” – Hundreds fired from a reputable company

The CEO of xSolla wrote that he had informed his employees of his dismissal in an abrupt fashion Gemsutra. The Russian video game manufacturer provides a payment system for free business model products.

Of the 500 employees, 150 found the xSolla home-developed algorithm to be insufficient.

In an internal circular, General Director Alexander Agapitov also mentioned low employee productivity and lack of participation in the workplace as reasons for dismissal, adding:

I don’t think xSolla will be a job for you.

In an email that included the names of all laid-off workers, the executive said the company has contacted several HR firms in order to find work for colleagues who are now laid off, where they can earn better work with less work than xSolla.

The concerned persons will leave the company with an end of service gratuity equivalent to 4-6 months’ salary.

Agapitov – after his message was leaked – defended the layoffs by saying that xSolla’s revenue growth fell below 40 percent in the first half of this year from 80 last year and even exceeded 40 percent in value.

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