Index - Tech-Science - Hungarian silver medalist in the first European Student Informatics Olympiad for Girls

Index – Tech-Science – Hungarian silver medalist in the first European Student Informatics Olympiad for Girls

In 2021, the European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI) was held for the first time in Switzerland, where Julia Ellis, a student at Ferenc Kolsi High School in Satu Mare, won the silver medal from the four-man Hungarian team.

The Student Olympic Games were attended by 156 high school girls from 43 countries around the world, due to the epidemiological situation, students from their countries competed, and the tasks were solved online. Among the high school girls who started in programming competitions, four won the right to represent Hungary in the EGOI in the Hungarian selection competitions.

KAnna, a graduate of ELTE Bolyai Primary School and Gymnasium in Szombathely this year, was only one point behind the bronze medal, and Boglárka Nagy, also a student at Veronika Kölcsey High School in Satu Mare, slipped off the virtual podium and is the eleventh student at Daniel Berzini Grammar School. in Budapest.

I trained a lot, tried to see many tasks, to approach problems from as many sides as possible. I think proper preparation opens up to practice and openness to new things

Silver medalist Julia Ellis added her itinerary to the podium.

The EGOI organizers aim to encourage young girls to study computer science through the competition. Indeed, experience shows that many girls do not choose a career in the communications and information sector because, due to decades of stereotypes, many people still mistakenly consider it a masculine profession.

EGOI is clearly used to motivate female students to make girls aware that they have something to gain in the field of computer science, that they can succeed in this as boys and smart. We can also say that boys are as smart as girls

Said Agnes Erdosni Nemeth, Vice President of Talent Management and Olympic Games at the Neumann Society. László Nikházy, the Hungarian preparatory teacher for EGOI, added that they had a positive experience in the first competition, wishing to achieve similar successes in the subsequent rounds.

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