Index – Tech-Science – Here’s how you can tell if you’ve been affected by one of Facebook’s most unpleasant bugs

Last week, the Facebook servers were completely jammed, as countless users started complaining that the platform had stopped sending them friend requests without their knowledge. According to the Meta, the issue has already been fixed, regardless

It may have caused unpleasant moments for hundreds of thousands of users.

As we wrote, it happened to many people that when they looked at the profile of new people, the system automatically sent them a friend request without the users knowing.

We can check easily

It can be a telltale sign if we receive confirmation without thinking that we have verified the exact person. has summarized some of the steps based on the latest available version of the Facebook app.

As a first step, select the Friends section on the bottom bar of the app. These are the people who nominated us or recommended people – but in the upper right corner, by clicking on the three dots, the option “View sent applications” pops up, and if you select it, you can already see who we have sent nominations, he writes hvg. hu.

They added: If you want to do the same on Facebook on the web, click the default “Dating” option in the left sidebar. If you still don’t see it, tap the bullet-shaped menu labeled “All”.

Here we can already see the “acquaintance” option among the options, below it with the nominations option for acquaintances, where we can even see who we nominated several years ago. In these interfaces, we can pull the sent tags.