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Index – Tech-Science – Half of Britain’s native plants are in decline

Index – Tech-Science – Half of Britain’s native plants are in decline

According to the Plant Atlas 2020 study by the Botanical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, the background to change is changing land use, mainly the intensification of arable cultivation and the draining of wetlands, MTI announced.

In the most comprehensive survey of plants ever undertaken in Britain, volunteers recorded more than 26 million records for 3,445 different species. Of the species involved, 1,692 were native (endemic) and 1,753 were spread intentionally or accidentally by humans (invasive).

The study found that there are now more plants endemic to Britain. Many species have spread after being introduced into gardens.

Comparing the current situation to studies conducted in the 1950s, it was found that 53 percent of native species have declined in recent decades, while 58 percent of introduced species have spread into the wild.

While the number of endemic species living along rivers and canals has decreased significantly, the status of plants living in the forest has not changed.

The study indicated.

In addition, the species that were popular again in the southern part of the country have now become widespread in the northern regions as well. Researchers associate this phenomenon with global warming.

According to the study authors, a global action plan is needed to reverse the trend and restore plants.