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Noose around the necks of spammers and scammers. Gmail is now fighting blue tick scammers.

Google email will get a new function soon In addition to the name and logo of verified companies, a blue tick in Gmail will indicate that the sender is trusted, writes Techcrunch.

New blue ticks appear automatically for self-verified companies, that is, they already use the Brand Insights for Message Identification (BIMI) function introduced by Google in 2021. So they are not fake profiles.

BIMI requires senders to use strong authentication and verify their brand logo so that this logo can be displayed as an avatar in emails. Within the mail system, a blue tick now indicates if the sender has already approved the BIMI functionality.

If a blue tick appears and you hover over it, you’ll see a small text that says “The sender of this email has confirmed” they own the domain and logo in their profile picture.

Strong email authentication can help users and security systems more easily identify and track spam and phishing emails.

We can already see the same blue ticks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn recently introduced verification badges.