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Index – Tech-Science – Girls get better grades

Index - Tech-Science - Girls get better grades

Girls regularly get better grades than boys on the same academic performance, according to a study by Italian scientists. The British Journal of the Sociology of EducationAccording to a study published in

Many differences between the sexes can be observed all over the world. In this case the problem is the evaluation of the results.

On independent and standardized tests, it can be seen that girls perform better in human competencies, languages ​​and reading, while boys perform better in mathematics. In contrast, when teachers graded, girls got better grades in all subjects.

Researchers at the University of Trento analyzed standardized tests and class scores for 38,957 students. This showed that at a similar level of proficiency, girls got better grades than their teachers. In all, the girls scored 6.6 points in languages, while the boys got 6.2 points. In mathematics, girls scored 6.3 points, while boys averaged less than the entry threshold of 5.9 points.

Italian specialists investigated the influence of school type and size, and classroom composition on grades, and also analyzed whether a teacher’s gender or age had any effect on grades. There were two critical factors: gender differences increased with class size, and girls were rated more in grammar schools than in vocational schools.

According to the authors, the background to the differences may be that teachers try to support those who are weaker in certain areas, or subconsciously reward the calm and order that characterizes girls.

The conclusion of the researchers is that despite the fact that they did not analyze the signs of the end of the year, this phenomenon has a direct effect EffectThe truck for the extra job, job, and subsequent salary for the boys. The advantage of girls in higher education is noticeable not only in Italy, but also in other European countries.

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