Index - Tech-Science - Farewell to the last phone booth

Index – Tech-Science – Farewell to the last phone booth

In the center of the town of Hlubín, about fifty kilometers southwest of Prague, the last public telephone booth that was still connected to the national telephone network was removed and removed from its site on Thursday.

The last conversation on this phone lasted more than two years

Jan Hruska, technical director of the phone company O2, told reporters.

After the Czech Communications Agency decided last fall that the country would no longer support the operation of public telephone booths in 2021, service provider O2 announced that it would phase out all public telephone booths still in operation from January.

The telephone booth in the center of Hlouben, which has a population of about 150, was the last booth to be dismantled by the O2 men and removed from their place. Petr Boukal, Mayor of Hlubyne, announced that the location of the last phone booth in the Czech Republic will be marked with a commemorative card.

Twenty years ago, at the turn of the millennium, when cell phones were not popular among the population, there were more than 30,000 public telephone booths in the Czech Republic. The first public telephone was installed in 1911 in Prague’s Old Town Square.

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