Index - Tech-Science - Facebook may be concerned

Index – Tech-Science – Facebook may be concerned

This was reported by the nonprofit data protection organization, Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), based on a survey of users. The survey revealed that about 25 percent of Facebook users have had their accounts hacked at least once.

And for Instagram, that percentage was much higher, 85%.

According to the survey, 70% of victims permanently lost their accounts. Almost the same number (71 percent) were also of those from whom hackers called their acquaintances and demanded money from them for the account.

The commission also drew attention to the fact that all this is not only depressing, but can also cause financial damage. 27 percent of victims said they had lost income due to an attack on their social media account.

They can commit a serious fraud by hiding behind the profile

Paul Bischoff, an expert at data protection firm Comparitech, said that in these attacks, hackers often hide behind a profile and abuse the trust of others and can commit serious fraud in this way.

For example, if I receive a letter from my mother, I instinctively trust her. So if someone hacks their social media interface, they can easily make me send them money

– Tell Paul Bischoff.

According to another expert, Chiudi died abuse The number can be reduced if social media interfaces require more strictly users to identify themselves when logging into an account.

He added: In his opinion, because of the important role they play today in many ways Social media Calculations, operators must request it – in the same way that is used for corporate applications.

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