Index – Tech-Science – Drone home delivery is being tested in Budapest

DODO, which offers data-driven logistics solutions, and the Rossmann pharmacy network, which also owns an online store, have launched a unique local pilot project for home delivery of ordered products with drones, reads the ad sent to our editors.

In the first stage of testing

They are investigating how quickly they can use drones to fulfill orders while ensuring safe delivery terms.

To this end, a test flight was performed as a first step, and the time required to place the package on the drone, as well as for takeoff and landing, was also evaluated.

The first test flight in preparation for home deliveries took place on the 11th. Neighborhood, in front of the store in the Savoia Park Shopping Center, the destination is the third. It is set in the Garden City part of the district.

When choosing a route, an important aspect was that the drone’s flight cover a relatively long distance and diverse geographic terrain, in preparation for the variety of future deliveries that could be carried out by air. The starting point and delivery destination are 15 kilometers away as the crow flies, but the drone flew much further, traveling part of the way over the Danube. During the first test flight, the drone has not yet been transported or received, as this time the primary objective was to assess the time required for each stage of work.

In a video, they also explain how the drone home delivery service works:

The average flight altitude was between 20 and 50 metres

Particular attention was also paid to creating safe conditions for delivery by air, within the framework of which simulations of lifting the package into the air were carried out. The flight took a total of 14 minutes, and the average flight altitude was between 20 and 50 meters,

However, it is expected that the device’s flight speed will be regulated by law in the future.

The announcement states that simulations can be performed with accurate results, because the weight of the package to be transported does not significantly affect the flight speed of the drone. The test flight was conducted with the appropriate official permits. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the transportation of parcels carried out by these means, is regulated by strict regulations both at the Hungarian and EU level. Due to the nature of the activity and take-off weight, it is classified as a Special Class operation and therefore requires a Special Operating Permit.

“We see a Unmanned parcel delivery It will be the next major step in the development of home delivery solutions,” said Karoly Sávar, DODO Hungarian representative. The next step will be that the cargo drone will also transport a parcel between the starting point and the destination.

(Cover photo: Rossmann)