Index - Tech-Science - Does groundwater come from the sun?

Index – Tech-Science – Does groundwater come from the sun?

Since most of our planet, or 70 percent, is covered in seas, it’s an age-old question where this amount of water came from here. According to the classical theory, the Earth was simultaneously bombarded with type C asteroids rich in carbon, which also brought water to it. The natural astronomyHowever, according to new research published in, this is only half the truth.

From the beginning, there was a bump in the water coming from asteroids: the water on Earth was different from the water from space. This is because the water in asteroids contains many of the heavy hydrogen isotope, deuterium. Scientists say the solution to the mystery is that some of the water comes from the sun.

According to the new theory, the solar wind, containing hydrogen and helium atoms ejected from the sun, bombarded asteroids and dust floating in space with oxygen atoms in the rocks, causing H2led to its formation.

Clean the water in the glass

Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s Department of Geography examined rock samples collected in 2010 by the Japan Space Agency’s Hayabusa probe. Based on the rocks of the asteroid Itokawa, it was concluded that the role of the Sun is important.

The sun was bombarded with fine-grained dust, fine-grained dust, the original source of lost water

Luke Daly, author of the research noted.

According to our calculations, the water-rich mixture of dust and asteroids equals the isotopic composition of groundwater.

They said.

The team examined the pieces of Itokawa using atomic probe tomography to determine how they were affected by the solar wind. Using the testing method physicists also use, matter can be decayed from atom to atom and then reassembled and mapped into a computer model. The presence of hydroxide and water was detected in the material, proving the effect of water production by the sun.

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It was absolutely unexpected to find water! Based on what we know, the rocks from the asteroid must have been completely dry

Researchers wrote.

The result is significant because it also means that we can get to water in space much easier than previously thought, even from dust on the surface of a planet, for example. Last but not least, water which is the basis of life almost covers the entire solar system due to the activity of the sun.

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