Index - Tech-Science - Digi owned by Hungarian since Monday

Index – Tech-Science – Digi owned by Hungarian since Monday

On January 3, Hungarian-owned 4iG acquired 100% of the subscribed capital of Digi and its subsidiaries (Invitel, I-TV) and Digi Infrastructure. As of January 10, 4iG will be owned by Digi.

The acquisition was announced in March 2021, the due diligence and signing process was completed in November, and the deal worth HUF 232 billion (€625 million) could have gone so quickly because the Hungarian government issued a government decree in the Hungarian Gazette on December 21. [751/2021. (XII.21.)] It was considered to be of national strategic importance, so there is no need for examination and permission from the Hungarian Competition Authority.

According to the government,Necessary to ensure the security of Hungary’s telecommunications supplies, to strengthen communications infrastructure and to make jobs more competitive – a focus of national strategic importance in the public interestAcquisition of Digi from the Romanian owner.

company communication Based on the change of ownership, the executives of RCS & RDS media group will leave the boards of directors and oversight for the company.

In accordance with the strategic agreement with the state, 4iG will contribute to the local and Balkan telecom interests in Hungary in the first quarter of 2022, thereby becoming the majority owner and gaining a leading role in the currently state-owned company. With the acquisition of Digi and Antenna Hungária, 4iG will be one of Hungary’s largest telecom operators, and the only company in addition to Telekom, Vodafone and Telenor to operate commercial mobile services. The long-term fate of mobile services is questionable at the moment, such as Digi Távközlési Kft. Excluded From the official frequency sale procedure, the palace according to That’s right. Previous data by 4iG management according to The issue will be resolved with further partnerships and acquisition steps.

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4iG, led by Gilert Gassai, plans to set up a new company based in Budapest “Leadership” Creation of a regional communications group, for the sake of which the company will:

  • In September, a non-binding agreement Occurred regarding the acquisition of a 70% stake in Banja Luka by TeleGroup Limited in Serbia and TeleGroup in Bosnia.
  • In December, it agreed to buy an 80.3 percent stake in Albanian ALBtelecom, and one day before Christmas AttentionThat 100 per cent of the company was acquired by ONE Telecom in Albania.
  • In Montenegro on December 22 I bought it 4iG is the 100 percent local Telenor, which reaches 98 percent of the local population with its services.

Digi serves 1.1 million subscribers in Hungary and has over 2.5 million subscriptions (RGUs). The number of employees in Hungary exceeds 2,700, and the consolidated sales of the local interests of the media group have reached 70 billion HUF in recent years. Adjusted EBITDA It made $19 billion. Digi operates 61 customer service offices in major Hungarian cities under its own name and another 16 under the Invitel name.

With the acquisition, 4iG Plc has become one of the Hungarian telecom operators with an extensive national (optical) vertical network.

(Cover photo: DIGI’s multimedia and telephone service provider store in Újpalota on June 13, 2020. Photo: László Róka / MTI)

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