Index - Tech-Science - Deducting money from climate change deniers on YouTube

Index – Tech-Science – Deducting money from climate change deniers on YouTube

Google announced Thursday that YouTube videos that “contradict the established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change” cannot be expected to receive a panel of views in the future.

The new rule will go into effect in November. According to Google, it is considered such content

Content that refers to climate change as a hoax and a hoax, claims that the global climate is warming based on long-term trends, and claims to deny the contribution of greenhouse gas emissions and human activity

to climate change.

Withdrawing creators’ money for advertising revenue, i.e. demonizing, is a tool often used as a warning by channels that incite rules and spread false news. Content related to rejecting climate change can still be posted, and only content creators can search for it. In addition to the content, ads that deny climate change will also be blocked.

Environmental activists at Extinction Rebellion demand removal of Youtube videos denying climate change in October 2019

Photo: Ollie Millington/Getty Images Hungary

The Google Ads team codified this move by tightening the rules at the request of advertisers:

Advertisers simply do not want their ads to appear alongside this content. Creators and publishers don’t want ads about this to appear on their pages or next to their videos.

The new rule is not prejudicial to discussions about climate change or its effects, or to the presentation of new research. The rule will be enforced through platform automated systems and human evaluations.

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