Index - Tech-Science - Dave Smith, pioneer of electronic music has died

Index – Tech-Science – Dave Smith, pioneer of electronic music has died

6/8/2022 19:25

He was the father of the MIDI protocol and the designer of legendary synthesizers.

Dave Smith, an American engineer who died at the age of 72, is an important figure in the history of electronic music, a synthesizer designer and a pioneer in the development of the MIDI protocol.

Smith graduated from Berkeley as an electrical and computer engineer. Wendy turned to electronic instruments as a result of Bach’s treatment of Carlos Moog’s sound complex. Founded in 1974, Sequential Circuits manufactured analog sequencers and in 1977 introduced their flagship product, the Prophet 5, the first programmable polyphonic synthesizer and the first microprocessor-based instrument in history.

The fifth prophet entered the history of music with compositions such as Michael Jackson excitementE like a Virgin From Madonna, Vangelis used it on the soundtrack for Winged Bounty Hunter, and later used it on Kid A’s 2000 radio album.

Introduced in 1981 Music digital interface (MIDI) to the American Society of Audio Engineers, which was adopted as the official standard in 1983, and was also revealed at this year’s NAMM trade show by combining the Prophet-600 and Roland Jupiter-6. The proliferation of MIDI connectors has revolutionized electronic music by connecting many digital instruments, devices, and computers.

Smith was also a Yamaha employee during his career after Japan’s acquisition of Sequential Circuits in 1987. Later, synthesizers were designed for Korg.

Smith had a heart attack at an electronic music festival, from complications that occurred. Mourns his wife, two sons and four brothers.

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