Index - Tech-Science - Csaba Varga begins invading Mount Everest

Index – Tech-Science – Csaba Varga begins invading Mount Everest

Sisaba Varga, a Hungarian climber from Transylvania, will leave for Nepal on April 7 in an effort to be the first Hungarian on the “pure” Hungarian Everest expedition to climb the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, at 8,848 meters, without supplemental oxygen on the Monday morning show.

The Hungarian climber of the Kalifa Alpin Team has been participating in Transylvania in high mountain expeditions since 2013, during which he climbed four of the 14 mountains in the world over 8000 meters high without using oxygen cylinders. In 2019, Chapa Varga climbed to the hidden 8,080-meter summit under unfavorable conditions, in a snowstorm, thereby completing his fourth climb of eight thousand.

Csaba Varga said on the program that there is a big difference between “clean” climbing and the use of supplemental oxygen, the latter being perceived by the fact that the mountain is dropping by 2-3 thousand meters.

Hilda Sturkeser, Zollet Iris’s widow, spoke about the importance of coping, because the body has to get used to a lack of oxygen and a drop in pressure. As he said, the climber spends up to a month and a half acclimatizing before heading out to conquer the summit.

Csaba gh, Personal Trainer and Freelance Editor helped Csaba Varga prepare for climbing style and fitness training in line with climbing style.

It also climbs for affiliation

According to Csaba Varga’s original plans, he would have started invading Mount Everest (Csomolungma) in the spring of 2020, the year of national affiliation, but this ultimately failed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The year 2020 is ready. The conditions led to the absence of expeditions in the high mountains, but the whole year was well prepared, and the Caliph stood by me and supported me all the time, as did the Minister of State for National Policy. Spring season on Everest is about to begin, and I will do my best to raise the Hungarian flag to the highest point on Earth, based on my own strength and without using additional oxygen. With this, I want to strengthen the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin

– Caliph Albin’s team advertisement quotes Kassaba Farja.

According to the summary, the mission is scheduled to begin on April 7, when Chapa leaves Farga for the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu. After about a week of trekking, you can reach Mount Everest base camp in mid-April, and peak climbing will be possible between May 10 and June 10, depending on the weather and the climber’s progress.

Climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen has operated Hungarian mountaineering for nearly two decades. Zsolt Erőss was the first Hungarian to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2002, but when climbing – just like all successful Hungarian climbers after him Use of additional oxygen. Even the highest mountain in the world has been “cleanly” occupied by fewer than two hundred climbers around the world, while tens of thousands of people have reached the summit with supplemental oxygen. Included in contact.

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