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Index – Tech-Science – Craters, snails and faces on Mars

Index - Tech-Science - Craters, snails and faces on Mars

A NASA probe orbiting the red planet, the Mars Exploration Vehicle (MRO) with the HiRise telescope, scanned the surface and found a dark crater on January 24 this year.

Members of HiRise’s specialist team at the University of Arizona pushed brightness and contrast gauges to make the crater walls visible.

The bottom of the crater slopes to the southeast. We were hoping to see if it was an isolated plume or an expiration date opening up in a volcanic corridor

Said Ross Bayer, a member of the team.

Scientists think it is possible to imagine volcanic caves on Mars – the mine now discovered is exciting because it would likely expire in such an underground world.

The hole we just found is ominous enough, but it doesn’t really stand out from the series of embarrassing phenomena that have been found in recent years.

the face

Among the strange objects found on the surface of Mars, the classic big mountain is certainly the mountain with a human face photographed by Viking 1 Orbiter in 1976 Mars Global Surveyor captured the crucial image of the sadly unknown formation in 2001.

Here is the face where is the face

Image: NASA


Hematite is very common on the red planet. These are iron oxides that appear in spherical clusters or as spheres a few millimeters in diameter and often confuse those looking for the physical properties of a technical civilization and berry-lovers.

Fragrances of hematite

Fragrances of hematite

Image: NASA

Schiaparelli nozzle

The failed European Space Agency ExoMars mission ended with a lander called Schiaparelli that collided with the surface of Mars. NASA’s MRO probe photographed the scene, as humanity itself enriched the planet with remnants of heat shields and parachutes.

The area around the effect

The area around the effect

Image: NASA

Snail snails

University of Arizona employees explain that the strange shapes are lava coils that form when two streams of lava meet in opposite directions and then freeze.

Lava scrolls

Lava scrolls

Image: NASA


NASA found the merry crater in the southern corner of the planet, which shows images that vary from year to year.

(Cover Photo: Mars Reconnaissance Spacecraft. Photo: NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

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