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Index – Tech-Science – British unions fear recruitment and elimination algorithms

Index - Tech-Science - British unions fear recruitment and elimination algorithms

According to the Federation of Trade Unions founded in 1868, workers will soon witness it

Taken and rejected on the basis of an algorithm,

Therefore, a new type of legal protection is needed, according to the BBC. The proposed legislative changes include a rule stating that “high risk” decisions must be reviewed by individuals.

Francis O’Grady, Secretary General of TUC, said the use of AI by employees in the workplace is a potentially dangerous path.

Artificial intelligence can be used at work to improve productivity and work life. But now it’s also used to make vital workplace decisions – like who to hire and who to fire. Without fair rules, MI use in the workplace can lead to widespread discrimination and unfair treatment – especially for those in precarious employment.

careful Ogradian.

Uber machines

Many workplaces already use automated decision making for simple tasks. For example, Uber automatically assigns driver tasks to drivers via a computer, and Amazon has been known to monitor its employees in its warehouses with AI monitoring systems.

Many companies are using an automated system without human intervention to really narrow the field in the initial stage of the hiring process.

But as MI becomes more sophisticated, many fear it will be entrusted with more serious and high-risk decisions, such as analyzing these performance indicators for

AI will determine who should be in the first place in the promotion – or who should be fired.

Incidentally, this can happen – thanks to automated decision-making – even if people participate in the process, as the Trade Union Congress report warns.

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“One Man Only” (The Matrix – Reloaded)

In such cases, although one can perform some formal task, such as dealing with a document, the real human decision is negligible. All too often, human decision-making is largely deceptive, as when human participation in machine decision-making is merely a formality.

The authors add.

A union report with the help of labor attorneys and lawyers specializing in AI matters indicates that the law has failed to keep pace with MI’s rapid development in recent years.

The Federation calls for:

  • Employers are obligated to consult unions about the use of “high-risk” or “intrusive” AI in the workplace.
  • Legal right to human review decisions.
  • There is no legal right to shut down the business, and the employee is not expected to continue answering calls or emails.
  • UK law amendment against algorithmic discrimination.

Differentiation by algorithms has been well documented in recent years, often as an unintended side effect of using systems that fail to reverse racial bias.

Anonymous facial recognition

One notable example is facial recognition technology, which has been previously trained to recognize white faces more easily, unlike other assets. Problems like these led IBM to abandon its technology efforts last year because it was generally described as “biased”.

The trade union conference also drew attention to the latest allegations from Uber Eats freight agents claiming they were fired because the face recognition software was unable to recognize their faces. This led to

The drivers involved claimed that they did not pass the license check. Uber refutes this, saying there should always be a human review before we get rid of the drivers who work for them.

‘Especially dangerous’

The two authorized journalists from the union, Robin Allen and De Masters of the law firm Cloisters, have argued that while MI could be useful, “if it is misused, it could be particularly dangerous.”

Machines still make important decisions. The legal system must ensure accountability, transparency and accuracy through the carefully designed legal reforms that we propose. There are very clear boundaries that should not be crossed if the business does not have to be inhuman.

Mention in their joint statement.

[ forrás: BBC ]

(Cover photo: A robot at a gallery November 6, 2018 in Hamburg. Fotó: Christian Charicius / Image Alliance / Getty Images)

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