Index – Tech-Science – Big changes are coming to YouTube ads

Here’s something you don’t see every day: fewer ads on YouTube. At least fewer ad formats. According to the latest YouTube forum post, the company is ending so-called “overlay” ads on YouTube videos.

These are the old banner ads that appear above the video player and interfere with video viewing.

According to YouTube, the ads will go away on April 6th. The ads only run on the desktop and are “disturbing to viewers,” according to the company.

The video player will now only contain video ads that can play before, in the middle of, or after a video. The company said that “Product Showcase” pop-ups are also allowed, and there will still be banner ads in the list of recommended videos. Ars technology.

According to the company, the decision will only have limited effects for most video creators, as portal sharing will shift to other ad formats.

Although advertising is annoying, the content creator doesn’t always take advantage of it

Ads annoy viewers, but often content creators only get paid when certain ad limits are met.

Showing these ads wasn’t necessarily enough for the content creator to make money – advertisers could choose to only pay if the user clicked on the ad, so there was a good chance that no one would get paid from these pop-ups. Video ads with a skip button also don’t pay if users click the skip button.

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