Index - Tech-Science - Biden's miracle air force against climate change, pollutes more than carbon dioxide

Index – Tech-Science – Biden’s miracle air force against climate change, pollutes more than carbon dioxide

New one , Energy Science and Engineering Journalban Posted and guardian According to a study described, scientists claim that blue hydrogen production

It produces twenty percent more greenhouse gases than burning the most polluting fossil fuel, coal.

Unlike diesel, blue hydrogen performs worse: when it burns it produces sixty percent more greenhouse gases.

I was very surprised by this result

said Robert Howarth, one of the study’s authors. The scientist also noted that blue hydrogen is widely mentioned as one of the options for reducing emissions, but the new scientific finding fundamentally refutes this.

The US Senate on Tuesday passed, with bipartisan support, an infrastructure development package that will include $8 billion for making “pure hydrogen,” as they also label blue hydrogen. US President Joe Biden has called the package a “key tool” in the fight against climate change, but in light of new research findings, this appears doubtful.

I don’t think we should spend our money on these fake solutions

Robert Howarth said.

In the United States, many companies operate for a variety of purposes “Green colorCreated from water and renewable energy sources, hydrogen compounds in production And the test. Many say they are They could be a good alternative to fossil fuels, but not that but blue hydrogen could play a role in the regulation created by the US legislature.

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