Index - Tech-Science - Artificial intelligence is good at minecrafting

Index – Tech-Science – Artificial intelligence is good at minecrafting

He has read a lot about the game.

In its blog, the company announced that a scientific paper showcasing Nvidia’s MineDojo intelligence won the main prize of this year’s NeurIPS conference, which deals with the field of neural information processing.

MineDojo is a general artificial intelligence that can execute verbal commands in the world of Minecraft. As you know, Minecraft, presented by the Swedish Mojang in 2009, is one of the most successful games of all time with 238 copies sold and 140 million active players – an open virtual world built from blocks.

Developers used 730,000 YouTube videos with 2.2 billion words of feedback to train MineDojo, 7,000 pages of Maine Craft From his Wikipedia and 340,000 Reddit posts with 6.6 million comments. The MineCLIP converter model, which was created on the basis of the data, was able to identify the description of certain operations with the video depicting the specific minecraft activity without human intervention.

As a result, MineDojo can carry out instructions given in plain language in the game world: get a bucket of lava if asked, and build a Nether portal if needed.

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has learned a game, many agents have already learned to play Starcraft, Dota or Go, they have narrowed down the appropriate strategy and operation of the environment. On the other hand, MineDojo knows a series of actions that are compatible with the open world of Minecraft.

300 people at Nvidia deal with the development of artificial intelligence, not only with general machine learning, but also with generative software, which for example 3D objectThey are created based on an instruction or a 2D image.

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