Index - Tech-Science - Apple launched Classical Music Streaming

Index – Tech-Science – Apple launched Classical Music Streaming

Classical music could only arrive in 2022 (classic musicApple Music. Apple, along with news of the acquisition of British classical music streaming service provider Primephonic She said the plan.

Currently it is Apple Music Nearly half a million albums of classical music are available in the catalog of 75 million, but it’s not easy to search between them or find information about bands within the app. The Primephonic acquisition is planned to improve this, and Apple will implement proven solutions to service the startup streaming. Thanks to these features, the new Apple Music app, dedicated exclusively to classical music, will make it easier to search by composer, artist, music and even performance metadata, such as the concert hall where the recording is located. In addition, the classic Apple Music interface has a different structure compared to the currently available light music streaming.

Primephonic launched three years ago, and the service will be discontinued on September 7. Their subscribers will get a refund and half a year of free access to Apple Music as compensation. Start-up company in her contacts Urging its subscribers to be patient, as their goal remains to bring classical music to millions, and working with Apple provides a very good basis for that.

Apple has yet to announce exactly when the new service will launch, with the new Apple Music app offering only classical music expected in the first quarter of 2022.

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