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Index – Tech-Science – Americans aren’t afraid to use smart devices for their jobs

Index – Tech-Science – Americans aren’t afraid to use smart devices for their jobs

According to a Pew Research Center survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on the fate of workers. The survey was conducted with 11,004 American adults in December 2022.

The majority – 60 per cent – ​​generally believe that AI will bring about changes in the workplace. At the same time, only 28% believe that the progress of intelligent machines will have a significant impact on them, while half of the respondents expect that it will have only a slight impact on their work.

When it comes to the impact of machine intelligence on employees in the next 20 years, more people believe that people will take the short term, and fewer people believe that technical progress will do people good. 30 percent believe that the positive and negative effects balance each other out, while 22 percent don’t know what to think.

16 percent of respondents believe that their work will become easier for them personally, while 15 percent believe that it will make their lives more difficult. the Pew Research Center One of the most striking opinions revealed by this poll

71% of respondents oppose AI making the final decision on who will get a job.

Despite this, only 15 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that machines are inferior to humans in selecting the right workforce, and 47 percent of them believe that they make better hiring decisions than humans.

Sixty-six percent of them said they would not apply for a job if they knew it was being decided by AI.