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Index – Tech-Science – Airbnb targeted new users

Index – Tech-Science – Airbnb targeted new users

After banning the party, here’s another blow: even those users who the platform can find are in a close relationship with someone else who has already been banned can no longer feel safe. the Motherboard According to the article, Airbnb bans users because the company considers them a security risk.

in contact with previously blocked people,

It clearly shows how problematic the platform’s security protocol is.

In such a situation, the user can only return to the platform if the problematic acquaintances successfully appeal the ban, or if they can prove that they are not “closely associated”. However, according to an Airbnb spokesperson, it is an exaggeration to say this, because the important aspect is not the relationship between users, but that

Users can most likely travel and book accommodation together.

The scale is still quite opaque. The newspaper reader learned that he was denied entry to the platform after using his friend’s bank card to book a place to stay. The company then told her that she could appeal the ban and if they found out she had nothing to do with the person already banned, they would reinstate her account. Otherwise, the ban will be preserved.

As we wrote, in the summer of 2022, Airbnb permanently banned parties and events held at homes advertised on its platform. The temporary measure taken during the pandemic has proven to be popular among hosts. Customers who break the rules may face consequences. They can be suspended or even permanently banned from the platform.

(Cover photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images)