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Index – Tech-Science – Ads are now available in Bing Chat

Index – Tech-Science – Ads are now available in Bing Chat

Microsoft Vice President Youssef Mahdi noted in a blog post that the company will soon be publishing ads in Bing search engine results turbocharged with ChatGPT. According to the company manager’s description, this means that ads can appear in the chat itself — and the income from those ads will be shared with the producers of the content the chatbot uses, he writes.

Based on examples posted to Twitter, the platform indicated from the sentences appearing in the chat that it was an advertisement — though it wasn’t clear if it was advertising itself or sponsored content. Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft’s communications director dispelled doubts: potential solutions are still being tested.

According to some news, the company has been negotiating with advertising agencies since February about the ads that can be placed in the chat, but it is not yet known about the quantity and on the basis of the criteria that it will display for display.

According to Mehdi’s blog, their goal is to drive traffic to content creators and increase their revenue.

On the one hand, the introduction of advertising happened surprisingly quickly compared to the fact that the service is only available to a limited extent.

On the other hand, by apparently opening up financially to content producers, it is inflicting yet another wound on Google’s business model, which has been turned upside down by Bing Chat – because Google and Meta (née Facebook) have been battling it out all over the world with pages of online content. Available for free and upon request. It is displayed on its various surfaces.