Index – Tech-Science – A new galactic satellite has been launched into outer space

Small Hungarian satellite Launched into space On April 15, 2023 from it Its name is VIREO (Virtual Intelligence Realization of Earth Observation), and its developer and manufacturer is C3S Kft. mti writes.

In terms of volume, it is 3U, that is, 3 units, which means that a cubic satellite the size of a shoebox consists of three cubes, each ten centimeters long.

The VIREO mission is an experiment in which experts will test how artificial intelligence can support imaging the Earth from space.

To find out, the satellite is equipped with cameras, and the artificial intelligence on board pre-processes the images that the system sends to Earth. With this technology, Earth observation can become faster and more efficient, which could mean progress in sectors such as disaster prevention, agriculture or energy production, since then.

With recordings from space, changes in the Earth’s surface and unexpected events can be followed quickly and accurately.

Further development of the method could pave the way for areas such as better coordination of satellite fleets, Internet delivery to remote areas, space mining, space debris reduction, or the success of ultra-distant space missions.

VIREO is a satellite of C3S Kft. And the second satellite in Hungary with three units, and the company implemented it after the successful mission of the RadCube satellite, which is currently operating in space.

The satellite, designed for three years, was launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on a Falcon 9 rocket on April 15, 2023.