Index - Tech-Science - A German and an American cosmonaut took a seven-hour walk, and the mission wasn't without problems

Index – Tech-Science – A German and an American cosmonaut took a seven-hour walk, and the mission wasn’t without problems

After a seven-hour spacewalk, German astronaut Matthias Maurer and US astronaut Raja Chari returned to the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday. Video footage released by NASA showed the two astronauts returning to the International Space Station through a lockdown Wednesday night, MTI reported.

The two astronauts left the space station to install new tubes on a cooling system, replace the camera, and connect a power and data link to the Bartolomeo European Research Platform.

German news agency wrote d.

52 years old Matthias For Maurer, this was the first extraterrestrial mission to an altitude of more than 400 km above the Earth’s surface. He is the 12th German in space and 4th in the International Space Station. The first spacewalk went very well. But after returning to the space station, they noticed that some water had accumulated in his helmet.

According to NASA’s ground observation, the German astronaut was not in danger.

Although some water was spotted in Matthias’ helmet, our astronauts were fit, healthy, and exhausted.

Written on the European Space Agency (ESA) Twitter community page.

Matthias Maurer had to contend with some minor problems. First, the camera on his helmet was unscrewed, which was then temporarily attached to a wire, temporarily hampering the work. Then he became entangled in the umbilical cord, but managed to free himself with instructions from the command post.

However Matthias Maurer and please According to NASA, Shari completed his most important mission. However, the couple postponed some minor missions to a later spacewalk.

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