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Index – Tech-Science – A 3D look at the surface of Mars!

Index - Tech-Science - A 3D look at the surface of Mars!

08.28.2021. 11:36

This 3D image was captured by NASA’s Creative Swamp Helicopter during its tenth flight in Crater Lake. The drone is preparing the ground for the Perseverance probe with its flights, and its tenth mission was special in many ways.

On July 24, Ingenuity made its 10th flight, breaking the record 12 feet above the surface of Mars and snapping ten color photos of a part of the Red Planet called “prominent rocks.” We have written about this place before, and scientists have concluded from the special shape of the rock pressure that by studying the place they can learn more about the history of Martian water and the ancient life that may have formed on the surface of Mars.

From the color images, NASA has also produced a 3D image with the aim of allowing those interested to see the surface of Mars in space.

It is worth paying attention to the photo at a glance, because we can see strange lines on the surface of many boulders and among the boulders. These may be caused by Martian winds and dust, but also by the flow of water once, He writes on the NASA blog They don’t yet know why the rocks crack, added Kevin Hand, a scientist on the Perseverance March team.

Thanks to images taken by the swamp helicopter, the persistence team got a clearer picture of the surface conditions under which the marshal could take a soil sample. The science team managing Perseverance is considering drilling on one of the “outstanding rocks” to collect rock and sediment samples, but such an operation would require longer planning and more days on Mars to be carried out by Mars. Ground guidance will attempt to determine and discuss the point worth visiting with the taxi probe in the coming weeks, based on images provided by the Marcelli helicopter.

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