Index - Tech - Pocket monsters, or Pokemon, have been with us for 25 years

Index – Tech – Pocket monsters, or Pokemon, have been with us for 25 years

Young game developer Sato Tajiri nearly went bankrupt by the time he landed his idea in 1990, as it took him six long years for Pokemon to bear fruit. He immediately hugged him to no avail By his mid-twenties he was already recognized Work as a game designer With Nintendo’s idea of ​​Satos, there has been a long journey from the idea of ​​pocket monsters to Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard.

The original idea was that by connecting to Gameboy, the Pokemon in the game could be exchanged by players, who called them Pocket Monsters in the title of the first release in 1996. The last and last name came from a merger of the Japanese equations of the previous two words.

Since then, Pokémon, and their most famous, Pikachu, have become favorites in countless regions. In addition to the games, the Pokémon animated series (Season 23!), An animation was made all night. Even live action MovieAnd manga and collectible card games too.

On the anniversary of a quarter of a century, Nintendo has really revealed itself. The main focus will be on music, with Katy Perry and several musicians announcing that they will welcome Christmas with a Pokémon-inspired song as part of the P25 Celebration Series, and will also be hosting Post Malone’s online concert on the official Pokémon birthday. On February 27th.

Of course, think also of game owners, Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword owners will be much richer with the special Pikachu. Pokémon TV will have a special set of cartoon music inserts throughout the day, while fans and fans of Poké will have their own skateboard, plush animals and even special cards for card games, plus Pokemon Go The event also made the company the trademark owner of the Pokemon Corporation.

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