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Index-Tech-Nesta ate all the breakfast strikers except for one

Index-Tech-Nesta ate all the breakfast strikers except for one

Alessandro Nesta At the age of 45, still aware of the difficulties of his coaching career, currently unemployed, he was thrown off the second bench in the second league of Frosinone at the end of March. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, he talked about being on that track Carlo Ancelotti Italon under whose hands lived his heyday in Milan.

Carlo was like my second father, said the 78-time former Italian national team champion. “When he was our coach, I always had a good time, even though the last drop of energy got rid of the guy. I would do anything for her. Carlo is a coach who doesn’t forget his player even when he’s injured. She’s like a sponge: she absorbs problems, she doesn’t let them get in. To the team Silvio Berlusconi, the owner, and Adriano Galliani, the actual boss, were terribly demanding of people, only for them the win was acceptable, they kept Ancelotti and the team under constant pressure, but we didn’t feel any of that because Carlo was always among us with a smile.

In the interview, Nesta also mentioned how he started playing football.

As a young kid, when I was alone, I always imagined what it would be like to play soccer at Stadio Olimpico. He said I am a Romanian boy. “When I got two new football picks from my dad, I slept in them. My dad loved football passionately and into it, Lazio. My brother had a problem growing in his leg and the doctor advised him to play sports. My dad, of course, took him to play football. This When I started crying, Dad, I want to play football too. Well, that’s how it started.

Although he was already 26 years old when he signed with Milan, he still spends ten years with the Red Blacks.

It’s been a great ten years, although hard to get started. At first, I also hated AC Milan and Milan. But after half a year, I became friends with the city and the club. And then I lived there as a king.

He highlighted two of his teammates in the interview.

Andrea Pirlo was one of the greatest footballers I could ever play for any team. Eighty percent was from Milan. And I can always count on Gennaro Gatusa. Even today, I’d like to take him on vacation because I know he won’t betray me. He never betrayed me on the field either.

He picked three of today’s best defenders.

Virgil van Dijk is huge, unwavering, and is also a master of the air. In short, the perfect defender. Thiago Silva is fast, technical and brilliant. When we played together in Milan, I was old, he did everything for me, but he did it so well that I didn’t need him. Sergio Ramos is a technical defender I have not seen.

In the end, the whip pressed when Nesta was asked about the attackers, as well as his opponents.

I dealt with all but one of the classic strikers of those times. I couldn’t catch up with him. who was that? Well Ronaldo. But not the Portuguese, but the Brazilian. It was not by chance that it was called a phenomenon.

(Cover photo: Alessandro Nesta on September 12, 2020 In Italy. Photo: Giuseppe Mafia/NoorPhoto/Getty Images)

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