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Index – Tech – It’s a shame we’ve had to wait so long for a new Spider-Man

Index – Tech – It’s a shame we’ve had to wait so long for a new Spider-Man

In 2018, when it came out for PlayStation 4, A.J Spider-Man from Marvel A game, it was not for nothing that everyone loved. Based on the Arkham series, the Insomniac Games team has drawn a little superhero powered action whose story is far superior to that of any Marvel movie, plus costumes that can be equipped with different abilities, tense agility and amazing close combat, it was a pleasure to spend time in New York City, to prevent crimes, or just relax and take selfies with Spider-Man fans.

Image: PlayStation/Youtube

The Spider-Man from Marvel Turns out he’s a real “system seller,” that is, a lot of people have been persuaded by Sony’s exclusive to buy themselves a PlayStation console. Later, at the launch of the PlayStation 5, it showed a video game, focusing on a new protagonist Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales It was no coincidence that it was the opening title, the production team tried to ride the success as quickly as possible. Not only the colorful spider, but also the snowy winter environment, which is special in the Spider-Man universe, made this branch unforgettable.

Later, both games were released on PC, so a larger player base could get their feet in the now slowly growing franchise. Spider-Man from MarvelRe, which we already knew would be getting a sequel in 2023. Recently, it was also revealed that

Next fall, you can expect the joint adventure of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Yes, it is meant to be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2Spider-Man will both be controllable, of course, nothing has been revealed yet. Some people think that the missions will rotate, in one branch only Peter will be available, and in the other only Miles, others believe that Insomniac will intervene so that we can dynamically exchange characters. For now, it’s all a big mystery, but the fact that Venom will also be a major character in the sequel definitely ups the anticipation factor.

Spider-Man fans have had some delicious times since it was announced in September 2021, with not much information about it emerging. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2About. Plus Insomniac announced another game, a game Wolverine Marvelwhich will take place in the same world, only with the monstrous Wolverine in the main role, and which moviegoers have seen Hugh Jackman so far.