Index - Tech - Geforce Now is already running from your browser window

Index – Tech – Geforce Now is already running from your browser window

The two game streaming services are constantly competing: Google Stadia and Geforce Now, the former has a great advantage to run games from a single browser window, while the second requires you to download and install a separate application to start the service. Now that flaw is resolved by Geforce Now by being able to run it from Google Chrome browser window as well.

While this may seem trivial at first, in workplaces, schools, or other places where it is forbidden at the administrative level to install anything on computers, it is extremely dangerous. GunpowderWhat matters now is that you only need one Chrome browser for Geforce Now.

Another great feature of Geforce Now over Google Stadium is that Geforce Now does not require you to purchase in-system games, but it can launch titles in your Steam / Epic Games / GOG / Ubisoft Connect account. That’s why Geforce Now is now big with only including the browser window option that the competing app has been using so far.

Previously, Geforce Now Safari was launched, which is no longer supported on PC, but is the official browser for iPhones and tablets, so it was able to bypass Geforce Now and Fortnite to run the game through a separate app. Disabled on Apple devices. Since you only need one Safari browser to run, you can get Epic Games, which runs Fortnite, to run the game on your iPhone without having to pay a contribution to Apple.

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