Index - Tech - Cyberpunk 2077: The long-awaited patch 1.2 has appeared

Index – Tech – Cyberpunk 2077: The long-awaited patch 1.2 has appeared

Referring to piracy piracy, the Cyberpunk 2077 CD project released after several delays. Which contains more than 500 repairs and will especially please owners of AMD video cards.

The He suffered a lot of dramaCyberpunk 2077 Link below Visually Fixes to computers and live consoles today, and fixes affect nearly every aspect of the game, including missions, gameplay, cinematic parts, levels, graphics, sound, animation, UI, and most importantly for many: performance that is measured In second frames (framerate). Although there are about 500 items on the list, but even so, he eventually wrote that that’s not all the changes.

Controllers feature, AMDs radiant happiness

CDPR previously talked that this is the “big generation” that will fix most bugs in console versions, and that’s what it’s done now: Package 1.2, among other things, optimizes the graphics engine and improves memory usage. Of course, this also applies to all other platforms, but it will be especially felt on consoles.

And it’s a particular pleasure for AMD video card owners that they have finally turned on ray tracing, which so far only those with NVIDIA cards can enjoy. Ray tracing in this game is especially professional, but unfortunately for those with newer controllers (Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5), On which this amazing effect can be achieved in principle also, has not yet been received – the CD project promises an update sometime in the “second half of the year” to make up for them in the end.

Google playground The correction always arrives with a small “phase delay”: is expected “It will be in the second half of the week” is active, there is no specific date yet.

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