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Index – Tech – almost an action game about Kim Jongun

Index - Tech - almost an action game about Kim Jongun

Glorious Leader! It was the title of a game project in which we were able to control Kim Jongun, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in an 8-bit platform game.

Glorious Leader is also designed for PC and iPhone! A game developed by a company called Moneyhorse as part of the Kickstarter program. In 2014, our only goal was to defeat the evil imperialist United States. (Moreover, when it was not even Donald Trump but Barack Obama as the president). We could fight the American GI Goes, the modified M1 Abrams tanks, and many heavy Bosses on seven tracks, including white unicorns, to North Korea and take a “friendly message” from Big Brother to Capital Pigs.

The game even featured Dennis Rodman, the NBA champion, plus we can control it not only as a simple NPC (“non-player character”), but also in co-op mode. Incidentally, Rodman wasn’t in the game by accident, visiting North Korea in 2013 and still being friendly with Kim Jongun.

The eight-bit graphics and indie platform-type gameplay would have evoked the classic Nintendo and Commodore 64 titles, and in the introductory sequence we can see real pictures of the “Glorious Leader”.

The game developed in Atlanta Guardian supported Fuse very seriously in 2014, and their humor didn’t come to them. In their opinion the glorious leader! “It underestimates the very serious accusations leveled against the dictator’s regime and the many problems of the nation behind the Iron Curtain.” Jeff Miller, chief executive of Moneyhorse Games, defended The Guardian by saying that the company “will try not to go beyond the bounds of cynicism and will not forgive the system.”


It didn’t even cross any of its limits, as the entire Kickstart project was eventually canceled after the $ 16,000 had already been raised for the $ 55,000 goal. The reason for the deletion was that, as in the case of the satirical movie “Interview,” which also starred Kim Jongun, unidentified attackers broke into Moneyhorse and deleted all data and their website itself. So in the end, they couldn’t finish the Kickstarter project, and that’s it Game project Deleted.

Moneyhorse later claimed that they believed “amateurs” had infiltrated their network and had no hand in North Korea in the matter, as was a strong suspicion of Interview. According to the bad languages, the team traveled for only $ 16,000 (or all the money they could collect from Kickstarter) and they didn’t even want to finish the game.

By the way, Kim Jongun has not appeared in other video games, and after 2015, North Korea has also been ignored as the main enemy. The most famous video games North Korea played with the enemy are Tom Clancy’s 2005 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Crysis 2007, and Homefront 2011.

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