Index - Sports - Zeta Teut writes history on the slopes of Bansko

Index – Sports – Zeta Teut writes history on the slopes of Bansko

On Monday, Zeta Toth achieved the best Hungarian age result ever at the World Junior Alpine Skating Championships in Bansko, Bulgaria. The 18-year-old Vasas skater closed with Fullsport SE at 17th in Friday’s super giant slalom, with about 40 world rankings better than the current FIS global rankings.

Now this is the best venue for the Hungarian competitors in the history of the World Youth Championship.

Zita hasn’t started in SG competition in over a year, and has had few coaching opportunities for this competition yet, so her result has been particularly impressive in that regard. His successor, AJ Hurt, came from the GS World Cup in Jasna, where he finished 22nd, demonstrating the strength of Bansko Square. On Tuesday, the women’s competition in the giant slalom will continue in Bansko.

The Hungarians are represented by 17-year-old Pallint Uri (Folsport SE), Zeta Toth and 17-year-old Christophe Piszerci, who did not start at the World Senior Championships in Bansko, accompanied by coach Bertold Cebeci. This year, the rules of the World Youth Championship have changed, and there is no competition between the slopes or the Alps.

Hungarian men’s jockeys haven’t started the men’s giant slalom at the World Youth Championships yet, because they couldn’t train for speed this year, but they did well in the giant slalom (Balent Uri 30 and Christophe Pisztrczy 42, first and fifth in U18) In downhill skiing, Bálint Úry (20th place, runner-up U18) is absolutely amazing.

Of course, it is difficult to achieve good results in the World Youth Cup, the stadium is very strong, and in the World Youth Championship, similar defects may develop for the Hungarian youth as in the World Cup (+26 seconds, +34.42 seconds, +45, 26 seconds). However, although the competition is tough like the World Cup, the Senior World Cup or the European Cup, as well as routine possession, the goal here is for countries to fight for Olympic youth quotas, with countries winning the next generation based on the results of Mark Hodler’s Cup in The World Youth Championship … for the Olympic classes.

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