Index - Sports - Will there be a sting in a revenge match?

Index – Sports – Will there be a sting in a revenge match?

When Mike Tyson, one of the most famous or infamous professional boxers of all time, the former Unified Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, announced last year that he was back in training and back in the ring, everyone was sure his opponent could only be Evander Holyfield, whose match was The latter is very interesting. succeeded:

Iron Mike bit off a piece of his opponent’s ear in the heat of the fight, so he was disqualified.

Well, the increase has left some athletes who have wanted to finish the story since then. Tyson explained the ear bite at the time by saying that Holyfield was constantly beheading and thus lost his temper. Of course, he admitted that he made a mistake, was not an athlete, and publicly apologized to his opponent.

Holyfield didn’t experience it as a big break either, and he stressed several times that he didn’t resent Mike and would like to fight him again to really decide with their fists this time which is better. The two legends even starred in a commercial in which Tyson officially returned Holyfield’s permission to its rightful owner.

Therefore, it was almost disappointing to boxing fans that Tyson’s return was not against Holyfield, but also against an excellent boxer and by no means boring Roy Jones Jr.

Now, however, it really does seem that the dream has come true yet to come.

Holyfield has announced that an agreement has been reached in principle, and the former cruiser and professional heavyweight champion is in good shape, has been in training and can’t wait to box against Tyson again. According to the New York Post, preliminary surveys indicate that they can expect up to $200 million in pay-per-view revenue, which the two legends gave to charity.

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This will be the greatest boxing match ever!

Holyfield told The Sun.

I already have tactics against Mike, but I won’t tell you! I want you to be surprised!

– The 58-year-old former world champion, who, judging by the most recent photos, looks really in really good shape. And Tyson has already stated in an interview after his rematch against Roy Jones Jr. that he’s going to reign again! Now we also know who he’s against.

Cover photo by Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield – Michael Tolberg / Getty Images

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