Index – Sports – The presenter involved in the tax fraud case won the appeal

English sports presenter Gary Lineker has won his appeal against the UK’s Internal Revenue Service (HMRC) over £4.9m in tax arrears.

The IRS has launched proceedings against the former English footballer over taxes paid on income from the BBC and BT Sport. Gary Lineker is the host of the BBC’s Match of the Day show and previously worked for BT Sport, according to reports. BBC.

According to HMRC, Gary Lineker was making a fool of himself as an employee, but the judge found the latter to be true.

“It follows from my conclusions that the intermediate statute (IR35) is not legally applicable in this case,” Judge Brooks said in a statement.

“I have already paid all the taxes owed at the highest tax rate. I am absolutely amazed at the process and fortunately justice has been done,” Gary Lineker responded to the news on social media.

IR35 is the UK’s anti-tax avoidance legislation dealing with the ‘disguised’ employment organisation.