Index - Sports - The opening ceremony of the five-a-side matches - minute by minute دقيقة

Index – Sports – The opening ceremony of the five-a-side matches – minute by minute دقيقة

Japan is known for its simple and elegant design. The supply of ducks in events such as the Olympic Games is declining in the world. There is no shortage of souvenirs, there are many terrible souvenirs, it suffices to remember the mantra of the games, but that will not be the case now, because we have been able to find some in the rendition of which we live with a good heart.

1. furoshiki scarf: The light fabric can be a scarf, we can wrap any gift in it, the Japanese prefer to wrap it in cloth, but it can also be made into a cold bag. The typical career difference of the Japanese can also be seen while working on this topic.

2. LanternThe Japanese goldfish has dropped its reddish color and for the occasion wore the official colors of the Tokyo Olympics, dressed in white and indigo blue. It’s not about dozens of things, it’s a handcrafted piece of art made by traditional artisans after pre-ordering. It is elegant and looks good even without the lights.

3. Lampionsapka: Japan is the country of lanterns. If we traditionally fend for ourselves in the heat of Japan, we can use a fan and an umbrella, but we can also do so with a lantern cover. The accordion-like headgear is breathable and made of paper, making it vulnerable. Anyway, it’s a special memory.

+1: yukata: The summer version of the kimono, the yukata, which is made of cotton and consists of only one layer, is a fan of Japan because it is more comfortable to withstand the heat in it. By the way, this is also the traditional outfit for watching the summer fireworks. They also look good in Olympic colors!

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