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Index – Sports – The Olympic champion is the Hungarian men’s basketball relay

Index - Sports - The Olympic champion is the Hungarian men's basketball relay

Let’s start with the most important thing: After 1980, Hungary has another Winter Olympic coin.

And it is gone!

It was the 177th Olympic gold medal for Hungarian sports, but it was the first goldman born in the winter season.

The men’s speed skating relay finished first at Gangneung’s Ice Arena.

  • Listed below are the winners: Alexander Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang, Csaba Burján, and Viktor Knoch.

Liu Shawang started the race for the 5,000 meters, and we tried to drive, but Korea didn’t allow it after a few laps. There were 40 laps left when China took the lead, the Hungarians were third more, 30 laps before the end Canada also changed the rhythm, then we were pushed to fourth for the first time, but that was only temporary.

On the 22nd lap, the favorite big Korean team spoiled a twist, pulling it out of the race, upsetting the Hungarians as well.

Three laps before the end, we took the lead with a big turnaround, great tactics, and we didn’t even give up. Canada was behind us and then backed off.

Alexander Liu Shaolin was the runner-up and came within a few inches in front of the fun-filled China.


1. Hungary – 6: 31971 (Olympic record)

2- China – 6: 32.035

3- Canada – 282 32: 6

What else happened?

In the first quarter-finals of the 500 meters race Leo Shaolin Was concerned. The Hungarian contestant exited from the first corner, which was counted twice in this period, only in third place, he accelerated and overtaken him twice before the end, and did not pass the second place, so he entered the eighth place.

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Liu Shawang’s race started for the third time only because the Dutchman moved first, then three fell into the first corner. However, at the start of the last lap, he was preceded inside by Kazakhstan Azgaliev when they met, both slowed down. And that was enough to get the two out, Breeuwsmaa of the Dutch could easily top and take second place.

The galaxy was seen as irregular in collision, so the individual ended up for him. This race revealed that, too It wasn’t exploding. It started three times, and was seen as irregular three times.

His brother’s semifinals had to be cut in half because after kicking Canadian Gerrard who won the thousand, the latter’s blade broke.

In the frequent race, Alexander Liu Shaolin came out from the first corner in second place behind Fu, who set a new world record, but Gerrard beat him in the second lap when he accelerated and lost his balance for a moment and was no longer there. The attack site to enter between the four. At the Liu 500, he won his first gold medal at the Hungarian Sports World Championships in 2016, in Pyongyang it was the first distance in which he did not reach the finals.

He impressively competed in the final B match, made good use of the arcs, really couldn’t mount a dangerous attack against him and won. All this for now means at least one-fifth. We saw a first victory in the finals, Fu Ta-cheng started, he had already entered the first corner with an advantage, the Koreans could not tighten it, and his advantage was constantly increasing.

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Thus Fu won China’s first gold in the entire Olympic Games and set another world record with 39,584.

Disappointingly, Hvang finished second, Lim finished third, and Gerrard finished fourth.

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