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Index – Sports – The now dominant Canada has won the Ice Hockey World Cup

Index – Sports – The now dominant Canada has won the Ice Hockey World Cup

According to an on-site MTI report, the Germans had played in the finals twice before, in 1930 (against Canada) and in 1953, losing both times, while losing with Canada, which had a training camp and warm-up match in Budapest before. Championship, the stakes were that they would be alone in the standings at all, so would he be the favorite?

The Germans got off to a great start, with John Jason Petrka, who also scored against Hungary, taking the lead in the eighth minute with an engineered fine shot. The Canadians later complained about the goal after it was recorded on video. But the answer came three minutes later, when Sam Place — a Stanley Cup winner with the St. Louis Blues in 2019 — lofted it into the top right corner from a two-to-one counter.

It was a similar continuation, although the situation in Canada was more pronounced. In the 34th minute, Daniel Fishbusch hit the puck on the rebound, Sam Montembelt could not reach it, but did not defend it. In the run-up to the break, the foreign players had a man advantage, and Lawson Krause – who was also successful in Budapest – put his stick well into the powerful pass.

At the start of the final period, Bliss gave Canada the lead for the first time from a sold puck behind the goal. In the 52nd minute, the Germans sold the puck into the attacking third, from which the opponent turned around and Tyler Tovoli scored between the legs of Matthias Niederberger. The Germans took risks in the first half and brought down their goalkeeper, but conceded another goal.

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Ice Hockey World Championships, Tampere (Finland)


Canada-Germany 5-2 (1-1, 1-1, 3-0)
Goal: Blaise (11th, 45th), Krause (38th), Toffoli (52nd), Laughton (59th), Petrka (8th), Fischbuch (34th)

Bronze match:

Latvia-USA 4-3 (2-2, 0-0, 1-1, 1-0) – after extra time

The final result of the tournament: 1. Canada, 2. Germany, 3. Latvia, 4. United States, 5. Switzerland, 6. Sweden, 7. Finland, 8. Czech Republic, 9. Slovakia, 10. Denmark, 11. Kazakhstan, 12. France, 13. Norway, 14. Austria, 15. Hungary, 16. Slovenia

Hungary and Slovenia will be in Division A/A next year, while Poland and Great Britain have moved into the elite.