Index - Sports - The joy of Canada is overwhelmed by police cars - Video

Index – Sports – The joy of Canada is overwhelmed by police cars – Video

When the team and its fan base have to wait 28 years for another hit, hell breaks loose when that happens. It also happened in Montreal after the local NHL team, the Canadians, reached the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1993. At the Final Four, the squad clashed with the Vegas Golden Knights, and in Game Six of the duel, they suddenly won 3 to 2 on the die, winning In the fight by four wins 4 to 2 overall.

Artturi Lehkonen’s unusual hit caused catharsis across the city, where a long-unseen festival began. The policemen lost control, some left their cars behind, overturned the crowd and threw them in the trash.

Canada, the number one superpower in hockey, is desperately hungry for success. More recently, the aforementioned Canadians in 1993 were able to lift the Stanley Cup, and since then, only American success has been achieved in the NHL. Additionally, with no Canadian team in the Finals since 2011, the Vancouver Canucks trailed the Boston Bruins by 4-3 overall, as the team lost their crucial seventh home game. The next day, half of the city caught fire.

What if she won the tournament in Montreal (which is the most successful NHL franchise), which was completely furious pre-season and wasn’t waiting for the finals?

In the final, defending champions Tampa Bay Lightning or the New York Islanders will be an opponent of coach Dominique Ducharme, who has lost to the coronavirus.

Semi-final result, Match 6:
Montreal Canadiens – Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 – after extra time
The final result of the duel is 4-2 in favor of Montreal.

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