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Index – Sports – The Hungarian rally driver who was in a conscious coma was sent to Belgium

Index – Sports – The Hungarian rally driver who was in a conscious coma was sent to Belgium

Originally, his wife, Kristina, wanted to send Richie Szilagyi to Germany to a hospital there, but there wasn't enough money for that, and by the time he got his money together, there was no room left in the clinic.

Finally, on January 21, the man went instead of Germany to Belgium, where his family accompanied him.

On Rexy's part, she happily informed the family of her arrival. Rexy and her mother started the journey of more than 1,600 kilometers in an ambulance, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. Bors.

The most important thing for us is to get Richie back so he can develop, so they can get the best out of him. Also, that little Yanka has a father who can actively participate in her life. If necessary, we will travel around the world, just to get it back…

– his wife said earlier. Rexy fell into a conscious coma a month after news of their baby's arrival, when they tried to revive his stopped heart during a track examination.

Since then, the athlete's daughter is already one year old, and despite the circumstances, her mother is trying to establish a real “father-daughter” relationship with the athlete.

Every day we look at a photo of Dad and a video of Richie, which Yanka watches with a smile. I used to say that my father was now resting, gathering his strength, and would soon come home with us. Yanka hugs her father and hides with him, and as far as she knows, Rexy also keeps her head there

– said Kristina, who hopes from the clinic that they will finally get Rexy back and that they will finally be able to live their lives together as a family with their little daughter.