Index - Sports - The clouds caused the tragedy of Kobe Bryant

Index – Sports – The clouds caused the tragedy of Kobe Bryant

He couldn’t do it legally, but NBA star Kobe Bryant, his thirteen-year-old daughter, and six other helicopter pilots flew into the clouds. Almost a year Ago. This maneuver and non-technical failure resulted from the one that happened last January Tragedy.

According to the latest report by the US National Transportation Safety Administration investigating the circumstances of the fatal accident, pilot Ara Zubayan attempted to climb 1,200 feet above dense fog and clouds, but before he succeeded, the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crashed. Suddenly. According to the investigation agency, pilots may not be able to interpret the helicopter’s speed or location when they cannot see the sky or landscape.

Presumably this is the reason why he didn’t realize he was actually in a crash while still telling the air traffic controller that he was trying to rise above the clouds.

Zobayan was widely known for his profession anyway and has traveled with the basketball superstar numerous times. In fact, he had permission to do soTo fly in poor visibility, but the company that hired him was not licensed to do so.

Road safety investigators said Zobayan may have played a role in going down the precarious road because he was on good terms with Bryant. The day before the tragedy, he indicated to the star that he might have to delay the flight due to bad weather, but he made his way the next day – Writes (A) The New York Times.

Bryant His companions spent 39 minutes in the air before hitting a mountain near Calabasas, California.

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Cover photo: Getty Images Hungary Photographer: Fraser Harrison

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