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Index – Sports – The best players in the world fell in the city of light

Index – Sports – The best players in the world fell in the city of light

Obviously, the old people still remember Hisham Al-Jarizathe great Moroccan runner who did the unprecedented combination at the 2004 Athens Olympics, winning the 1,500 and 5,000 meter races.

Now there is such a miraculous bug among the ladies too Faith Kypyegon He did not double at the Olympics by these two figures, which would require completely different abilities, but within a week he improved the world records for both distances.

The 29-year-old Kenyan mom improved her own world record in the 1500 race in Florence a week ago, and on Friday night she was poised to become the world’s best in the 5000 race, too. No field gathered in the heat of Paris: The Kenyans had to contend with three world record holders: the Ethiopians Letesenbet Gideymark (5000m), and with two other Kenyans, Beatrice Chepcoach-csel (3000m hurdle) f Ejgayehu TayéB (5 km on the street).

Kypyegon, two-time Olympic champion, had no opponent this evening, in the final hundred meters he pulled away from the world record holder Jedi as he wanted, cutting a second and a half off the world Jedi record. Kipyet ​​is the first person (including women and men) to simultaneously hold the world record for the 1,500 and 5,000 metres.

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It was the Kenyan woman’s third 5,000m race, and she hadn’t run this distance for eight years. On Friday night, he completed the last 400m in 61.1 seconds.

previously Jacob IngebrigtsenThe 22-year-old Norwegian genius also improved on the world record by beating the field by 15 seconds in the two miles. The old record has been standing since 1997. By the way, the result is not officially considered a world record, but the best result in the world. This is Ingebrigtsen’s first outdoor world record.

Finally the whip was cut: the Ethiopian in the 3000m hurdles Lamicha Girma He ran the last 1,500m on his own, as bunnies fell out of his way, he dictated such a pace. It made sense, because it was the world record. This is the third time this evening. Time: 7:52.11 minutes. The old record has been living since 2004, the country record Saif Saeed Shaheen detained.

To cap off the fine evening, all three achieved this year’s best in the world. Olympic and World Cup silver medalist Kelly Hedgekinson takes first place in the women’s 800mHe won with a time of 55.77 minutes. In the same men’s distance, Kenya’s Emmanuel Wagnoni beat Canadian Marco Arup with a time of 1:43.27 minutes, while two-time American world champion Grant Holloway achieved a year’s best time of 12.98 seconds.

Athlete of the Year 2022, World Record Holder and Olympic Champion in the Women’s 400m Hurdles, American Sidney McLaughlin-Levron made the trip to the 400 flats and looked like she might be able to post a starting time in the 48s with 350 metres. In the end, however, it was sold to the Dominicans Marelide Paulino overtook her and won a race best of 49.12 seconds. McLaughlin was second, his time of 49.71 still a personal best.

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Women’s 5000m: 1. Faith Kipyegon (Kenya): 14: 05.20 minutes, world record – old: Gedi: 14: 06.62 am, 2. Letsenbet Gedi (Ethiopian): 14: 07.94

Men’s 2 mile: Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway): 7:54.10, world record Old: Daniel Komen (Kenya): 7:58.61p.m

Men’s 3000m hurdles: 1. Lamecha Girma (Ethiopian): 7: 52.11 minutes, world record Old: Saif Saeed Shaheen (Qatari): 7: 53.63 p.m