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Index – Sports – The Austrians once again provided excitement at the Hockey World Cup, where they achieved historic success

Index – Sports – The Austrians once again provided excitement at the Hockey World Cup, where they achieved historic success

The Austrian team remained in the elite last year by defeating Hungary on penalties in its last match. In this year's tournament, he scored a point against Canada when they were down 6-1 after two periods, and now in the ninth minute the Finns were leading 2-0. But he succeeded in equalizing first, and according to the video referee, Benjamin Baumgartner's shot hit the net 0.1 seconds before the end of regular time.

According to the International Federation's website, Austria defeated the Finns in a World Cup match for the first time since 1957.

This is the best thing to happen in Austrian hockey in a long time

said the winner Benjamin Baumgartner, who in the final game skated the puck into the opponent's third position, next to the backboard, but toward his own goal, then turned again in front of the blue line and fired unexpectedly, and the puck slid through the crowd and ended up in the goal. Top right corner.

The evening group match in Prague did not bring much excitement or surprises, as Canada defeated the defending champions, the Norwegians, by three goals. Canada – which was preparing for the tournament in Budapest last week – had a significant field advantage over the Norwegians throughout the match, with the Northmen getting their first shot on goal at the start of the third period, and their second attempt resulting in a goal. With this success, the defending champion topped Group A in Prague.

In Ostrava, the United States team had already decided its match against the French in the first half, while the Swedes defeated the Kazakhs, and they were the only ones on the field without losing a point.

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The Hungarian national team will be a member of the elite class next year, thanks to its victory in the I/A World Cup in Bolzano.


Ice Hockey, World Championship, Group Stage:

Group (Prague):

  • Canada – Norway 4–1 (1–0, 1–0, 2–1)
  • Austria-Finland 3–2 (0–2, 1–0, 2–0)

the job: 1. Canada 11 points / 4 matches (20-10), 2. Switzerland 11/4 (16-8), 3. Czech Republic 9/4, 4. Finland 7/4, 5. Austria 4/4, 6. Denmark 3/4 (10-15), 7. Norway 3/5 (9-19), 8. Great Britain 0/3

The second group (Ostrava):

  • USA – France 5–0 (4–0, 0–0, 1–0)
  • Sweden – Kazakhstan 3-1 (1-0, 1-0, 1-1)

the job: 1. Sweden 12 points, 2. Slovakia 8, 3. USA 7 (17-11), 4. Latvia 7 (11-14), 5. Germany 6, 6. France 4, 7. Kazakhstan 3, 8. Poland 1

The top four places in the groups go to the quarter-finals, while the last places are relegated to Division I/A.

(Featured Image: RvS.Media/Robert Hradil/Getty Images)